How your business will benefit from a
Quick Draw ATM cash machine:

  • Increases sales:   Studies have shown that 25% to 35% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at the same site. With a Quick Draw ATM you will increase your sales.
  • Increases foot traffic by drawing potential new customers into your place of business:   Why miss any opportunity at new customers? With a Quick Draw ATM you have an opportunity to attract new customers!
  • Provides existing customers an additional convenience by giving them access to their cash, which increases the opportunity for impulse purchases, or larger individual sales:   Why not give your customers the convenience they desire? Why lose customers to your competitors because THEY have an ATM when you can too? With a Quick Draw ATM your customers will be satisfied and your register will be too!
  • More options for acceptable forms of payment:   Why not give your customers the option of using any card for any account? Your customers will have access to many of their bank accounts, not just their primary checking. With a Quick Draw ATM as long as they have a PIN (Personal Identification Number) they have access to cash with just about any card or account!
  • Reduces the cost of operating a POS (Point of Sale) terminal:   Why purchase or lease a POS terminal and pay a percentage or flat fee for each sale? With a Quick Draw ATM you realize a net gain!
  • Saves you time:   Why spend the time tending to a POS terminal if the card is rejected? Wouldn't you prefer your cashier to ring up cash sales rather than tend to a POS system? With a Quick Draw ATM, cash is never a problem!
  • Saves customer embarrassment:   Why have apprehensive customers because their card was rejected therefore embarrassing them enough to ever try using it again in your store? With a Quick Draw ATM customers are no longer apprehensive since the cash machine provides the privacy desired by ATM users!

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